M/s Alpha International is the authorized distributor in India of M/s Allnex, USA and M/s Solvay Specialities India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai.

M/s Allnex , USA

Liquid Coating Resin: M/s Allnex, recognized as the world’s leading supplier of Melamine based cross-linking agents, offers a broad line of resins for industrial applications. Allnex’s CYMEL® range of cross linking resins offers the advantages of fast cure, high solids, low VOC, reduced formaldehyde emissions and lower weight loss on curing, Manufacturers of Automobile OEM, General Industrial, Coil, Can, Wood, Metal finishing, Appliance coatings and Polyester film Manufacturers are end users for these resins.

Performance Monomers: Wildly used by Adhesive and Textile auxiliaries industries.

Products offered:

  • AEROTEX NMA 48% (N-Methylol Acrylamide Monomer 48% Aqueous).
  • AEROTEX NMA LF (N-Methylol Acrylamide Monomer 48% Aqueous low formaldehyde).

M/s Solvay Specialities India Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Surfactant: M/s Solvay Specialities India is also world leader in Surfactants business for Emulsion Polymerization and Specialty Applications. Their Aerosol® range of surfactants offer a wide range including APE free products, such as emulsifiers, wetting agents, pigment dispersants etc. These products are also used in leather chemical industries, textile auxiliaries and pigments industries etc.
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Titanium Dioxide Rutile

We represent one of the largest manufacturers of Titanium Dioxide Rutile (Sulphate Process) in China. The material is offered on ex stock basis as well as on Indent basis.